About Us


Anna Wildman has facilitated performance management skills workshops to thousands of managers and leaders in more than 40 countries, from China to Canada, Poland to Panama, the UAE to the USA.

It’s understanding what works (as well as what doesn't) in real-life conversations that has led her to write ‘Oil In The Engine: How to Lead Great Conversations at Work’. It provides simple frameworks and guidance, but most of all, gives practical examples of actual words to use. These can simply and easily be adapted to specific situations, saving time and increasing the confidence of people leaders everywhere.

Anna's previous experience includes ten years in the Royal Navy, followed by a senior role with Cathay Pacific Airways. She was most recently the Global Director for Learning and Development for KPMG, where she was responsible for the design and implementation of the global core skills curriculum for 140,000 people across more than 142 countries. Her past clients include Morgan Stanley, Skandia Investment, Invesco, Best Western Hotels, CSC, Standard Chartered Bank, the Economic Development Board of Bahrain and a number of UK and Hong Kong government bodies.

Our Ethos

Our purpose is to provide comprehensive range of resources that people leaders at any level can freely download and use to support their performance conversations at work.

More materials will be added as needed; please get in touch with your suggestions and feedback. This is a site developed for and guided by you. We will be delighted to hear from you.

Our Team

Our team at Oil in the Engine have all previously held leadership positions within global firms.  This means that we work from your context and bring real understanding when discussing your needs.  We know what its like to manage tough targets, tight budgets and multiple stakeholders.  

Above all, because we've been people leaders ourselves, we also know first hand how challenging it can be to guide performance management conversations.  We explore what will work best for you at the outset in order to find the best possible fit for your needs.