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Here you’ll find a range of materials that you’re free to download and share your people. Add your details here and we’ll send new content straight to your inbox.

Conversation Guides

One-page guides for you and your team member.

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Insights, webinars, and more…

Additional materials and guidance covering a broad spectrum of topics.

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Examples of the skills at work.

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Your own facilitator materials

Prefer to bring these skills in house? Use our guides, slides, handouts, and videos – branded with your organisation’s logo - to lead your own powerful workshops. Great for your people AND a fantastic way to build your own skills. All the Big 5 conversations, plus all those tough conversations that your people often find so difficult. Drop us a line below for a list of all the conversations covered and information about our Train the Trainer programmes.

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Guides include objective setting; positive/developmental feedback conversations; motivational conversations; development conversations; progress reviews. Tough conversations include same conversation twice, team conflict, disruptive behaviour, acting like a diva, and more.

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