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Now You’re Talking! Powering Performance

The leader’s communication skills are one of the single biggest influences on productivity. Get performance conversations right and you’ll have a team that’s focused, energized and motivated.

Learn how to set up a great feedback culture, set goals, lead performance reviews, deliver tough messages, and much more.

Here’s just some of the feedback from our CIPD Performance Management Workshop: “Led with charisma and charm, the facilitators made a heavy topic fun and accessible.” “Fantastic workshop, dynamic, engaging, fresh material.”

Our ability to communicate with impact is at the heart of being able to develop successful professional relationships, whether with clients or colleagues.
This workshop helps you understand your own influencing style and know how to respond to the different influencing styles of others. It explores typical conflict situations you might face, and gives you the skills you need to handle them confidently.

“Highly practical and very useful to understand my personal influencing style, more please!”

The ability to coach on-the-job is one of the most crucial skills a manager needs. Great coaching helps people to improve their capabilities, close performance gaps, handle their workload, and develop problem-solving skills.
Our hugely popular interactive workshops explore how to hold coaching conversations using participants’ real-life situations. This experiential learning delivers an intensely practical, energising and enjoyable workshop, with skills that can be used at work right away.

The need for personal resilience in the workplace has never been greater. Stressful customer or client negotiations, urgent decision-making and an overwhelming workload are just some of the challenging situations that can raise blood pressure and affect performance.
Resilience at Work explores how to understand and manage your own stress as well as support improved wellbeing in your staff. Topics include how to respond in the moment of stress, how to ‘worry well,’ and how to build greater resilience in the future.
“The first time that I’ve been given a workshop that is helpful for me as an individual as well as a professional.” “Simply brilliant.”

This masterclass workshop is presented by Peter Rolston, a former Sky News anchor and expert in televisual impact.

Communication is the difference between success and failure in a perception-based world. It separates the truly inspired from the merely “technically proficient” and leads to long term customer relationships, motivated staff, enhanced corporate reputation and the production of a steady flow of new business. Increasingly, the need for great communication is also virtual.

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